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Very confused

Long story short, I had a fling with a friend on Mar 2. Told me she was pregnant after taking an hpt on mar 29. First doc appointment was on May 2 and put her at 7 weeks 4 days after looking at ultrasound. Doc gave EDD of Dec 15. I've used every conception calculator I could possibly find online, I've manually counted, I've used naegele's rule too, and nothing adds up. Everything puts conception date on or around Mar 24. Should I be worried? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. I would like to be excited but I'm very confused right now.

Re: Very confused

  • If the math doesn't add up, I wouldn't get too excited.  There is the off chance that the baby just may be a little behind size wise, but 3 weeks off is a big gap.  Did your friend tell you that you were the father when she mentioned she was pregnant, or did she just mention that she was pregnant?  If she didn't mention who the dad is, you could always ask if there was anyone else who could be the dad.
  • c&h323c&h323 member
    She's claiming I'm the father, but I just don't know after doing the research. I've made preparations financially already but it's hard to become emotionally invested with this hanging over my head. When an ultrasound is read the doctors give the gestational age correct? I have been wanting to go to her appointments but she won't let me which seems strange. I know she doesn't legally have to but I'd like to talk to an ob/gyn so that I can get some answers.
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    Typically, yes, doctors say you are x weeks pregnant.  That count starts at the end of her last period, so if she is pretty consistent with her cycle, she should have been just about ready to start her period when you had your fling (would have ended on the 10th of March in theory), which of course would mean, in the words of Maury Povich... you are NOT the father.

    I'd just tell her that you want to go to the next appointment.  If she says no, I'd raise your concerns and say you went back and did the math and it doesn't seem to be matching up.
  • If she's 7w4d on May 2nd that should mean she was having her period on March 11th. That's after your fling on March 2nd. Conception can happen 10-15 days after the period with the most likely day being day 14. Completely agree with your March 24th assessment. BUT, if she she found out on March 29th that means she would have found out 5 days after conception. That's unheard of. If she conceived on March 2nd she would have missed her period on March 16th, meaning she was 2 weeks late when she found out. I think your safe, but she might be telling you bad days. I know some people count weeks wrong and count from conception and not their last period.
  • Sorry for lack of paragraphs in my post. They were deleted when I posted. My point was if her 7w4d statement is correct you're safe. Based on when she said she found out it doesn't make much sense though. I think she may be confused and further along. Ask her how late she was on her period when she took the test. If she says 2 weeks you might be the father like she says you are.
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    Yeah the math doesn't add up, but, that being said, the ultrasound techs are basing their approximations on their measurements.  We've always been told that the baby is "measuring X weeks Y days."  It's possible they didn't get a great measurement or the baby is just small at this stage.  You definitely need to some more info.

  • c&h323c&h323 member
    Her cycles were another one of the confusing issues for me. She has irregular periods with longer cycles. She started Depo in late Nov which would've put her due for next dose in late Feb. She stopped taking it. She wasn't sure when she was supposed to get her period either after that point. Definitely going to have to request a paternity test though.
  • It's sounding more and more like the baby is measuring small and you could be the father. Do you have any idea if she was having other flings? I wish you luck and keep us updated.
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