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BLW- when to cut down on bottle feedings?

Hello!  Lo is 8 mo now, so I know Im posting on this board a little premature, but I thought you would be able to help me more because you are there now.  We have been doing BLW since he was 6mo, and I am amazed at how good he has gotten with solids in the past month.  His diapers have changed and it is clear he is starting to actually swallow.  We were on vacation last week with a couple that had a 9.5mo and she was on purees.  Everyone was amazed at how easy and how well my little guy ate!  
Anyway, how will I know when to start decreasing his bottles?  He has been taking about an ounce less than he usually does in each bottle, and I figured that was the solids filling him up so he didnt need that extra ounce.  He gets 5 bottles a day.  Most of his bottles are around 9oz, but there is a 3oz bottle in there.  Will he just start taking less at each feeding, or will refuse a feeding all together?  Sometimes i have a tough time telling if he is done or not.  Once he gets distratcted and starts chewing the nipple instead of sucknig is when I usually stop feeding him.

Re: BLW- when to cut down on bottle feedings?

  • What I was taught is that prior to the first birthday the majority of nutrition should be from breast milk and/or formula.  Up to that point solids are just to get them use to eating.  In other words "food before one is just for fun". 

    We did BLW too and up to a year I didn't worry about giving him distinct meals.  We breastfed and after a year and after he was getting more defined meals he would just stop "asking" to nurse as much.  

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    We do a mix of BLW and purees. Now at 10 months we do mostly finger foods. And LO started to drink less formula around 9 months. 

    Right now he does an 8 oz bottle in the morning and then 2 6 oz bottles during the day and then an 8 oz bottle before bed. I still send him to daycare with 8 oz bottles but he never finishes them. He eats 3 meals a day and has a snack. He's a good eater. 
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    I didn't do BLW, but I would follow your baby's lead and just try not to go below 24 ounces before 12 months unless your baby just won't take that much.  Then when you switch to WCM or whatever you are using, do 16-24 ounces per day.
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    like other PP said its "baby led" so let your baby lead you.  my daughter has really started weaning herself off the bottles/formula.  She wants more and more food and less bottles.  She still drinks a bottle at night and a little bit through out the day but she is refusing more and more and day care.
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  • I have a really hard them figuring out what he wants! He never cries. He happily eats what is offered. Back when he was 4 mo and EBF he wasn't getting enough and fell off the growth curve yet would sttn and never cried for food. Now we feed him a ton and he eats it all but does get fidgety. I'm going to stop feeding when he starts getting fidgety and just continuo to feed him on the same routine I've been.
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    @ shannoncorrin Does your little one have teeth already? I am wondering because we are starting BLW and my DS has 0 teeth. He is 9.5 months. He likes BLW but Ill find chunks of food in his poop and that just worries me that it might give him an upset tummy. I do try to mash things for him, and he likes to squeeze food himself too so I thought he was okay, but I did see pieces I am concerned. Anyone advice? BTW my little boy is still on the stage of eating more bottles rather than less.
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