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husband suggests a possible last minute change of girl name to

Lindy.  What are your thoughts?  I am letting it swirl in my head for a few days.  We have three weeks to go. 

It was going to be Genevieve.

I really named our first daughter.  He just went along with it.  This is the first time he has really showed any part in the naming process.  We are team green FYI and are all set in the boy category and have been for months.
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Re: husband suggests a possible last minute change of girl name to

  • M3L333M3L333 member
    I have a cousin named Lindy...that is the only person I know with the name. I personally like it. But you have to like it. I like names that are a little different.
  • I like it.
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  • I prefer Genevieve.  Lindy is okay.  
  • I really prefer Genevieve. Would he like Lynn, Lindsay or Mindy? One of my DH's favorite girl names is Linley, it is hard because he also doesn't have as much interest in names as me.

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  • The two names are miles apart.  I have a DD named Genevieve.  I would never consider using Lindy.  Is he a aviation buff or something?  I think of the dance which I believe was named after Charles Lindbergh...the aviator.

    I also have a DH that rarely suggests a name, so I understand wanting to seriously consider anything they come up with.  I'd just pass on this one, personally.

  • I'm not a fan of Genevieve at all.
    Lindy seems more nickname-y to me.

    We had a similar naming experience I mainly named DD1 and DH just agreed and went along with it. I ate it up then but after I felt a little bad.

    With DD2 I really wanted DH to take the lead and make the final decision. We narrowed it down to two names mainly his favorite then another I liked more but he still liked and then he chose.

    I would take this opportunity of DH opening up and put Lindy on the list for him. Then suggest similar names to Lindy and even ask him what he imagines the name should be. My DH is really about meaning, so maybe try to find out what he likes in a name.

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  • Aww-- my best friend just named her DD Genevieve, so I am really partial to that name. 

    Lindy is OK, but if I heard someone with this name I would assume it was a NN.


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  • This is hard for me because I personally would never use Genevieve. And I like Lindy because of a positive personal association. However I recognize that Genevieve is a full name whereas Lindy is not IMO. What about Lindsey NN Lindy?

    I agree with PPs that you should try to find out what he likes about Lindy and try to find some common ground there.
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  • I couldn't think of many formal name suggestions for Lindy besides Lindsey but here are the few I could come up with.


    Fwiw though I prefer Genevieve, Lindy is nice too and I understand wanting to incorporate your husband's input when it is so rare. Good luck!
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  • I think Lindy is a cute nickname for Belinda. I prefer Genevieve, though.
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  • nmrdnmrd member
    I like the idea of having Lindy as a nickname. That way when she goes to order a coffee or wait for a table or fill out a resume she can give her name as Belinda, or one of the other suggestions. But she still gets an unusual name.
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    I should dislike Lindy, but I don't. I think of the dance, and it just seems fun and sassy to me. It is a bit nicknamey though...Melinda nn Lindy? Linnea nn Lindy?

    I know it makes me a bit of an outcast on this board but I cannot stand Genevieve with the American Jenna-veeve pronunciation.

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  • Genevieve is a million times better than Lindy.
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  • LNic5LNic5 member
    Have to say not a fan of Lindy, all I think of is the Lindy Hop (the dance) I very much prefer Genevieve. It's nice that your husbands showing interest though, maybe he could think of a couple more he likes and see where that goes
  • I like Genevieve more, but Lindy isn't awful. I do think it makes a better nickname than full name though.
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  • I like Lindy way better then Genevieve. Genevieve to me seems like a mouth full.
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  • I much prefer Genevieve.
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  • I don't like Lindy at all.
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  • Genevieve, no contest. Lindy looks and sounds incomplete.
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  • I like Genevieve better but Lindy isn't awful. Do you have a set middle name already? Genevieve Lindy might work!
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  • Like the dance? No.

    Linda still feels dated to me, but it is better than just Lindy. In Spanish linda means pretty or beautiful, so maybe search for names with a similar meaning? 

    Genevieve is very pretty.
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  • Genevieve times a million. So lovely. Lindy is yuck, IMO.
  • I'm not a fan of Lindy.  I just think of the dance, and it doesn't seem like a name that would grow well.
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  • It's a little too cutesy/nickname-y for my taste.  I really like the above suggestion of Rosalind nn Lindy though. 
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  • Definitely Genevieve. I'd do Lindy as a MN.
  • Linda, maybe, but not Liindy.  Lindsay is another close option, not that I'd advocate it.

    I prefer Genevieve.
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  • I prefer Genevieve.
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