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Tummy Time Q

How much tummy time is (did) your 1-month old getting? My DD is super sleepy and I find that I barely get her on her tummy for 1-2 minutes a day. Otherwise, she's either nursing or sleeping or crying. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Tummy Time Q

  • Other than being on my chest, at one month my LO got barely any tummy time. Chest time does count though!


  • He only lasts for a few minutes on the floor.  But we also put him on our chests, hold him upright a lot, use the Ergo, etc.   
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  • My LO is a month old and she does about 1-2 mins on the floor and the rest of the time she does on my chest or holding her upright.
  • Thanks so much, everyone! I didn't realize that time on my chest and upright counts. She's actually upright almost every time someone is holding her (she doesn't like the usual hold), so I should be good. Thanks again!
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  • my health nurse said "tummy time 10 times a day for 1 minute is better than once a day for 10 minutes"

    don't stress about it, chest time is great too :)

    when baby is a little older they'll be awake longer so you'll be able to do tummy time more often
    azaretsky[Deleted User]
  • We do tummy time on our chests, and holding upright/in carrier at 3w+ for our daughter. We probably do it - I honestly haven't kept strict track of it because we just kinda do it all day long - at least 10-20mins worth a day in tiny increments, when she is awake. Ours sleeps a lot too!

    I tend to be the one doing it upright and daddy helps to do it flat on his chest when he gets home since I am recovering from a c-section still (it hurts to have her on me while I am flat on my back and her feet were accidentally kicking my incision area at times >.<).
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  • My LO is 7 weeks old and we have done about 15-30 mins a day.. definitely not all at the same time though. He actually really likes it, so I've been lucky there. Try for a few mins at a time several times a day. It sounds like your LO is getting more practice than you think since she's on your chest too. GL!
  • The other tip I read on here which helped me was to put LO on their belly for a couple minutes on their changing pad at each diaper change. I didn't do it every time, but I started doing this with DD and she did really well with it.


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