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The FDA, Zofran, and Birth Defects

So my mom sends me

last night. Now I couldn't even sleep or get my mind off of what I could have done to my baby. I'm so upset. As a nurse researcher, I am skeptical of small population reports but as a to-be new mom, I can't help but worry. I can't wait until our first full U/S to see if everything is ok.

How many of us took Zofran for this pregnancy and can we keep in touch after our kids are born? I'd be eager to see what our own stats look like.


Re: The FDA, Zofran, and Birth Defects

  • There is so much wrong with that article and the way it reports I don't even know where to begin. That being said I could NOT have made it through the first trimester without the help of zofran. I still take half a tablet (so 2 mg) to get me through the night without puking. I'm sorry this article scared you. I would be more than happy to keep in touch after birth to see if perhaps there was any lasting side effect as a result.
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  • @JerseyHopeful‌ i think what scares me the most is that the FDA DID just make its Side Effect database public knowledge. So these few cases probably did happen. But again, the population # may be tiny and is only based on self-reported abnormalities. But they also weren't controlling for women with past medical history issues such as cleft palate and heart defects that already ran in their family. Without a controlled clinical trial with a huge population sample, we may never know the true rate of defects.
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  • They banned Diclegis 20 years for the same thing. And after studies, it's harmless. I can't remember the name it was in the 80's but most of the birth defects were genetic issues.
  • I was on Zofran and Phenergan with DD. She's almost 4, funny, smart and healthy. She's also alive because I was able to keep liquids down due to both drugs.

    I'm on them again for this pregnancy and so far have had 2 positive experiences with u/s and a strong heartbeat with a doppler.

    No offense, but I trust the word of my OB who specializes in high risk pregnancy and has been successfully practicing for 20+ years over that of the Toronto Star.
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  • My sister was on Zofran for both of her dds and they are now 15 and 13 and very healthy and no birth defects whatsoever. She would not have have made it through without it.
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  • One of the PAs I work with warned me against taking it and said that he saw a new journal article about it. I thought about saying something but the article was not mainstream yet to my knowledge and I didn't want anyone to panic.
  • @ICarriedAWatermelon‌ thank you for that source! My nerves a much calmer now with this reputable source and large population sample.
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  • vjdk07vjdk07 member
    My OB discussed this with me before prescribing Zofran and basically told me it was crap.
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  • My OB gave me some Zofran and this is the first pregnancy I've taken it.  Then when I went in on Monday, the midwife told me it was linked to birth defects and gave me Diclegis.  I researched Zofran myself and had myself all worked up.  Diclegis didn't work for me with just the 2 pills and DH told me if I felt that bad, I should be taking the Zofran.  Thankfully I feel okay today so I didn't bother taking either.  I think I'll stick with Zofran here on out.


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  • I have no idea about the legitimacy of the article, but it seems to me like any risk would be a "this is better than the alternative" situation. Like, if you're prescribed Zofran, it's because you're having difficulty keeping food/fluids down. Your body needs food/fluids to grow a baby, so the Zofran (even if it comes with a possible risk) is a better solution than nothing.

  • With my two sons age 3 and 1.5 I was on Zofran the entire pregnancies and they are both healthy, smart, energetic little boys. I would not have made it through their pregnancies without it. I am on zofran again with this pregnancy and my last ultrasound showed us a healthy little bean with a healthy heart beat. Zofran was a life saver for me and my children.
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