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Kaiser OB and ultrasounds

I'm a kaiser patient and I have my first OB appointment on the 23rd. Because I'm not exactly sure if i'm 6 weeks or 14 weeks im hoping my OB will do an ultrasound to figure out how far along I really am. 

I was off BC for a while because the mail order pharmacy never sent me my pills but I continued to have light periods and when I went to planned parenthood for my BC and they did a pregnancy test which came out negative so I got my years worth of BC. Well 2 months and 1 week later (after having 2 more light periods) and being on BC i'm pregnant! So i'm not sure when I conceived at all. 

Is there anyone who went through a similar situation and when did your OB make your first ultrasound?
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Re: Kaiser OB and ultrasounds

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    Mine was not from BC but because I was still nursing my daughter when I became pregnant, they wanted a dating u/s.  I was sent down to u/s right after my first appointment and they just did it then.


    ETA: I was also on Kaiser.  It was at the new Westside hospital.

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  • I don't go through Kaiser or any hospital for my OB care, only for delivery. When I scheduled my first appt with my OB's office, they scheduled the ultrasound before my first OB appt. So when I went to see my OB, they already knew how far along I was. Blood work and tests were scheduled out from that appt. 
    My first and second pregnancy, they ignored my first day of my last period and made up a due date based on the ultrasound. I think its harder to determine EDD if you are over 12 weeks because that's when babies start growing at different paces. 
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  • I've had two babies with Kaiser.  They routinely do a vaginal ultrasound on your first appointment to confirm and date the pregnancy.  Kaiser provides really wonderful prenatal care and delivery overall.  
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