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Have twins and did an IUI...

We have 4 year old B/G twins and we did an IUI in September that didn't work.  We did an IUI last Sunday.  I am anxiously waiting to get some results.  I go for progesterone blood work this Sunday and a beta next Sunday (if needed).

I am anxious about having more multiples.  But, seeing our twins together makes me think that we could probably handle twins again.  I don't know what we would do if I was PG with more than 2.

Did anyone have an IUI after their twins and what was your result?

Re: Have twins and did an IUI...

  • I did 2 clomid IUIs and had ds. The I did 3 clomid IUIs and got bfns. Moved onto injects had a few cancelled cycles but I'm guessing about 3 IUIs and had bfns. Switched to Femara had 2 IUIs and I'm finally pg with twins. So really you never know.
    Diagnosed MFI- low sperm count  
    DS-Born 7/27/11 After 2 years of IF we have our little man
    TTC#2 January 2013
    11 Medicated cycles gave us
    B/G Twins born 10/8/14 @ 32 weeks
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