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BFing needed

How do you do it?  I am trying so hard, but last week was rough and I ended up relying on formula bottles more than usual.  Now, my supply seems really low.  Hints, tips, etc are appreciated.  My twins are 6 weeks + 5d and we have supplemented with formula from day 1 (due to glucose issues at the hospital).  I am terrified to cut the formula, now.  Though I know doing that would help my supply...rock and hard place...


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    How many bottles are you giving?
    What triggers you to give a bottle?
    What makes you say your supply is a problem? (Mine are 6 wks, EBF, doing great, but sometimes nurse over and over and over again- not all fussiness/ repeated nursing is from not getting enough.)
    Good luck! At this age things should start to get easier :)
  • I second everything sing4mysavior said. Each day use less and less formula. You will literally feel like you are doing nothing but nursing. Heck my guys are almost 8 months and most days I'm nursing what seems like all day long. I'm sure when we introduce solids or cereal that will change but for now I'm just enjoying the time I spend relaxing with them.

    Is it exhausting? Yes. Were there days the first 3 months I wanted to throw I the towel and call it quits? You bet! Right now you are just finding your groove and it will be a few more weeks before it gets "easier". Those first weeks I just had my big glass of ice water, snacks, tv remote, a comfy blanket and pillows, my phone, and a pair of comfortable pants and just a sleeping nursing bra and did nothing but nurse every time they started to act hungry. The rest of the time they slept on my chest. It really helped up my supply and my husband took over the house cleaning and cooking.

    Hang in there! It's not an easy hill to climb but once you get past the first 3ish months it's a lot easier.

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  • You could also try adding some pumping sessions if you're uncomfortable lessening the formula. I put my boys in their pillow, put on a hands free bra, pump and feed them at the same time. When they go to bed you can throw in an extra pump session if you're up for it.
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    I agree with what some of the PP are saying. The more you give formula the worse it will get. i remember how hard it is the beginning but don't give up. if you don't want to cut the formula all at once try slowly giving less each day and trust that your body will make up for it. Also try some lactation cookies, I don't know if they actually helped me during those hard times but they sure made me feel better. My twins were in the nicu for 9 days after they were born and given lots of formula but I made the choice to completely cut it and although it was hard we are still EBF at 7 months old. It gets so much easier, you can do it! :)


  • We had the same issues, glucose issues in the hospital, supplementing with bottles, etc. It was really tough and I almost gave up multiple times. I finally just stopped giving a bottle after breast feeding, the pediatrician said cutting back or stopping completely will make them hungrier at the next breast feeding session. It took a few days, but the girls are almost 6 weeks now, breast feeding really well and not supplementing at all. I know you're probably sick of hearing it, but if you want to eventually BF exclusively, hang in there and don't give up. It's really hard work, but worth it in the end. If you decide pumping and bottle feeding or formula is easier on you and the babies, don't beat yourself up over that decision. But if you give it time (a LOT of time) breast feeding will get a lot easier.

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