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Ergobaby Carrier infant insert...

Is it worth purchasing the ergo infant insert???

Re: Ergobaby Carrier infant insert...

  • I don't think so - we always just used a blanket or held them in there while swaddled. It's not the greatest carrier for the early days so you may consider buying a k'tan or Moby instead of the insert. 

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  • I barely used it. We opted for the Moby initially and use the Ergo more now that they're older.
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  • zazu13zazu13
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    Mine were gifts but barely got used. I wish id exchanged them for something else

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  • Great, thanks ladies!
  • The ergo did not work well for us in the early days even with the infant insert. We're just now using it at 8 months, but I still don't like the fit as well as the beco (personal preference).
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  • basil2basil2
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    With so many carrier options that's a hard question. We loved the ergo with our singleton but didn't start using it much until 3-4 months. This time a friend passed on an insert and it's definitely handy. That said at this point (6 wks) DH and I definitely like our Mei tai better. If you have an ergo and don't have other options for the infant stage (and finances aren't a major issue) I'd recommend it, but it would also make sense to wait and see if you have other carriers to try.
  • I'm the odd one out I guess! I've used (and still use) our insert with the ergo. DH got his own ergo and uses the insert as well. Our babies are all on the small side though. I did use a moby in the first few weeks home (when they were around 5-7 lbs each). I find the insert really hot now that the weather is warmer though! I've been stripping the babies to a diaper if I'm going to wear one.
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  • I used it a ton but honestly I liked the moby better in the early days. Now I'm all about the Ergo.

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  • SWA80SWA80
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    Barely used with the insert. A sling worked better when they were teeny.
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  • Can you fit both babies in a moby wrap?!
  • basil2basil2
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    Can you fit both babies in a moby wrap?!

    I believe it's possible, but it just doesn't seem like a great idea to me. We've had reasonably good luck with DH and I each wearing one, but trying to get both on me doesn't sound overly safe or comfortable.

    It's worth looking around for used carriers (friends, craigslist, eBay) there are tons out there and it's nice to have a few options. We're using/ have used baby bjorn, ergo, frame backpack, Mei tai, and moby. The only one I didn't much care for was the baby bjorn ( though it's not a fair comparison DS was bigger). We have gotten a lot of mileage out of the first ergo, and the insert makes it usable early, though it may not be the best choice for early on.
  • If you are going to use your carrier early on and not use a moby wrap I would check out Kinderpacks by kindercarry. Their infant size lets you wear baby legs out from birth because it is super adjustable. I seriously can't say enough good things about them! Check them out on Facebook.
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  • We love our ergobabies and the inserts! We typically use them every evening on our walk and the girls love them! They are so snuggled and cushioned in them they typically fall right to sleep!
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