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Reusing Bottles from DD with Twins Question

I totally hadn't thought of this issue before, but if you have an older child, did you just reuse his/her bottles for the twins? I hadn't even thought of changing the nipples lol but I guess that's important! I know the twins may not like the same bottles as DD, but we have them so of course I plan on trying them first. So, did you get brand new bottles, or just clean and sterilize them again and get new nipples? And did each baby have his/her own separate bottles, so they didn't share the nipples, or does it not really matter once they're cleaned after a feed anyways? Thanks for any advice! It feels like such a noob question. :P
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Re: Reusing Bottles from DD with Twins Question

  • I've been wondering this too - we have a ton of Dr Browns bottles from DD. I think I'll just sterilize all the parts and buy new nipples.
  • Good question about the twins sharing bottles...I can't imagine having to separate them! As of now I'm planning on re-using all of DD's bottles and buying new nipples. I wish there was a way to buy them in bulk instead of those silly two or three-packs :/


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  • I plan on letting my twins share. They are going to be licking everything and each other anyway.... /shrug
  • I'm buying new nipples and they will share. I'm only buying a few nipples in the slow flow to see if they like them before stocking up.


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  • Mine got their sister's handmedown bottles and share. The one exception is I bought a special bottle for C since he had a hard time with latching/sucking to start.

    The nipple replacement is important if they are latex, but many are silicone now so it isn't as big of a deal to reuse them...provided they have no tears or other signs of compromised integrity.
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  • My girls shared bottles. I plan on reusing our dr browns from them with baby #3 once she's here. However, I have a friend with triplets and all 3 kids use a different colored dr browns bottle. I thought it was kind of pointless. Ha! Just my two cents.....
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  • I'm plan to reuse bottles from DS as needed. I am planning on nursing so they will be sharing the same bewbs so i don't think it's a big deal to share the same bottles. I guess the 3 of us will be a big pool of germs.
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  • Thanks for the advice, ladies! I totally hadn't thought about it. We need the newborn nipples anyways, so we'll get a few of those and I hope they'll both like the bottles! And yeah, I asked DH about the sharing, and he was like whatever, they can share, which makes sense.
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  • We reused bottles but needed to buy many more. All were/are BFed but the big one never was a fan and I SAH w him until he was 9mo, so I never needed many.

    The twins got BM bottles from almost day one and I was determined to not have the same issue as before, so I did a lot more bottle feeding. And then when I went back to work at 3.5mo, lots of bottles!

    I'm now expanding my stock of sippy cups!

    And yes, they share bottles. I always make their bottles and I will label their bottles if there are different amounts in them, but that's it.

  • New nipples, but reuse the bottles all you want. Silicone nipples are supposed to be replaced every three months. If you use the older latex style nipples, it's closer to every four or five weeks. The materials in nipples decay overtime and become weaker with less structural integrity. 

    We only had about four bottles for the boys (two each) at a time - we washed one set while they were using the other, or washed immediately after each feed - so we didn't often swap them out... Simon had green bottle tops and Jamie had blue, so we could tell who had eaten how much in those early months, but otherwise we didn't care about shared utensils or nipples or bottles. Now that they're on sippy cups we've upped our stash to three per kid (two normal and one insulated each) plus a bunch of the disposable ones for taking out on walks and shopping. Now it matters a lot more that we don't "share" their cups because they'll try to steal them from each other if we give them the wrong colour (Jamie has blue ones and orange ones, Simon has green ones and red ones). 
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  • I have a ton of bottles left over from my previous two that I plan to use, hoping that the twins like them! I just plan on getting new nipples. 
  • I plan to reuse.... I have to get new nipples for them as DS was a chewer. Like a chipmunk, he chewed through all of the things!!
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