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Hello all! I've made it over here from the PAIF board, and as my ticker says I'm 24 w pregnant with twins. One boy, one girl!! We are so excited, but also have so many questions that a lot of our singleton moms can't answer. This looks like a great group and would love to join. EDD 10/10 but doc says the latest they'll let me go is 38 weeks. So we are hoping for Sept babies :)
First natural BFP June 2013
Ectopic July 2012 with fallopian tube and ovary removal :(

First IVF (after 1 cancelled cycle) Jan 2014, 
ER 1/16
ET 1/21
Beta 1/31 BFP!
Beta 2: 400
Beta 3: 700
Beta 4: 11,000  
Beta 5: 45,000
1st US 2/18:  TWINS!!!  :)
EDD: 10/10/14
Delivered via c section 9/17/14, B/G twins


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  • Yay! Congratulations!
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  • Congrats! I'm 33 weeks team purple as well.
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  • Congratulations!  I have B/G twins, too. 
  • Congratulations. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. My boys are 8 weeks and the ladies here have been a wealth of knowledge and support. 

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  • Hi! Oh my gosh, I read this and thought I could have written it - I am 24 weeks along and our doctor said 38 weeks max also!  AND we are having boy/girl twins, too! So neat! Congratulations times two!!
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    Okay, I'll jump in here, too!! I also have boy/girl twins in the way and I am due Oct 10 with a 38 week "deadline." How funny!! I haven't posted here before. I usually just snoop :) My wife and I have one boy (age 2) and we are so nervous/excited for September! Sorry I haven't posted before!
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  • Welcome and congratulations!
                         My fraternal twin boys. Born Sept 2013.
  • That's so neat! Welcome to you too, TeamR625! :)
  • Congrats and welcome! I'm 24 weeks tomorrow with an Oct 15 due date and 38 week deadline :) Looking forward to sharing this time with you :)


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    BFP#1: 11/20/11, EDD 7/25/12, Emily Iris arrived 7/29/12 at 7 lb., 3.5 oz.

    BFP#2: 8/25/13, EDD 5/4/14, MMC confirmed on 9/23/13, D&C on 9/26/13

    BFP#3: 2/3/14, EDD 10/15/14, fraternal TWINS confirmed 2/21/14, two BOYS confirmed on 4/15/14!

  • Congrats and welcome! Also PAIF here, almost 18 weeks with b/g twins. Due on Black Friday but, like you, Dr won't let me go past 38 weeks so we are looking at the first half of November.

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    TTC since 2011
    Aug. - Sept. 2013 - dIUIs = BFNs
    January 2014 - IVF = 3 freezer babies
    March 2014 - FET of AA and AB blast = BFP! Twins! 
    Nov. 7, 2014 - Wilhelmina "Willa" Suzanne (4lb 14oz) and Ari Jose (6lb 4oz) were born via CS
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  • Congrats and welcome!!
    Me: 33 DH: 36 Unexplained IF
    First pregnancy - DS 01-Apr-09;
    3rd cycle Clomid/IUI after 2 years TTC
    TTC #2 since ~June 2010
    IUI #1 & 2 - Clomid/IUI - BFN
    IUI #3 &4 - Gonal-F/Ovidrel and IUI -- BFN
    IUI #5 - Gonal-F/Ovidrel and IUI -- BFP!!
    EDD: March 22, 2013
    It's triplets!!

  • My MFM said not to go past 38 weeks, either, due to the placenta losing function after that point in twins.

    I'm due October 22nd and Dr said she doesn't recommend going past October 8th.  So, we just have a few more months.  Hang in there, babies!!

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