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Pediatrican Rec for S. Philly/Center City

We're a bit late to be searching for a pediatrician (8 weeks to go) and feel a little overwhelmed looking for a good pediatrician with a friendly staff and reasonable wait times. I've been reading reviews of docs and it seems like the good ones either have very long waiting room times (45 minutes after your scheduled appointment) or poor administrative staff (rude or disorganized). We live near 3rd and Snyder in S. Philly and would love a doc nearby either in S. Philly or Center City. Anyone have a great pediatrician they'd recommend?

Re: Pediatrican Rec for S. Philly/Center City

  • I've heard good things about CHOP south Philly location. You always see your same doctor for well visits & the wait times aren't too bad considering how popular CHOP locations are. We are also in the process of looking in the same area, however, the only word of mouth I've received from coworkers & friends of friends use CHOP south Philly.
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