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EBFers: Are you giving your LO vitamin supplements?

Hi ladies - we just got back from DD's 1-month appointment. I am EBF, and he recommended vitamin A, C and D supplements. Are you doing this? While I'm doing the research online, what has your experience been? Are there any cons? Thanks!
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Re: EBFers: Are you giving your LO vitamin supplements?

  • MizooMizoo member
    Our pedi recommended we supplement with vitamin D drops, but doing a little Googling it seems that it's only really necessary for darker sinned babies.  I have the drops and try to remember them but realistically I forget more often than not. 

    The pedi never mentioned any other vitamins though, just D.
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  • We were told vit D but I'm not using it. I refuse to believe that babies born prior to whenever they started thus recommendation were all deficient in it. My two year old didn't get it either and she's healthy as a horse.

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  • I had vitamin D drops for DS almost 2 years ago, but I was bad about remembering to give them to him and the pedi never expressed concern. This time around I don't think I'll even bother getting them for DD.
  • Our pedi recommended only Vitamin D drops starting at 2 weeks old, which I am giving her.  Well, most days.... I've forgotten a couple days.  The pedi recommended some brand D-va-sol which is by Enfamil, but my doula recommended Carlson's instead.  With Carlson's you only need 1 drop and there are not as many artificial things in it.  I asked the pedi about the Carlson's before I bought it and she said it was great, but hard to find.  I bought it on Amazon.
  • jenn43jenn43 member
    We do vitamin D. Makes sense, as babies are supposed to be out of the sun, and vit D levels in breastmilk are fairly low.

  • No supplements here, pedi hasn't recommended anything.  I was going to ask about Vit D and LO had an appt today.  Ugh, I forgot... can I still blame it on pregnancy brain?  LOL
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  • Vitamin D only here as well  - I remember maybe 5 out of 7 days. It's hard too because a lot of the times she spits it out anyway!  

    The best way we have been giving it to LO is putting it in her bottle of pumped BM when DH gives her a bottle - we aim for 1 bottle a day if possible but sometimes he skips it bc he doesn't get home in time from work

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  • MLC912 said:

    I came across this article on another board, FWIW: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/06/140606184845.htm

    Makes sense to me though. I've been taking 5000 IU's of vit D each day.

    Interesting article - thanks for sharing!
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  • Vitamin D. 
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  • Our pedi has never mentioned.
  • I've been doing vitamin D drops and I keep track by putting it in his 6pm bottle everyday. So far so good, he takes it without fussing.
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