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supply low during period?

How much dose your supply go down and when does it pick back up?  This is my first period, and I used to pump 10-13 ounce from two sessions during the day and now I'm lucky to get 8-9.  I BF him morning and before bed, but my two pumps are supposed to cover his three bottles during the day. 

Re: supply low during period?

  • drink lots of water and eat some oatmeal to help with your supply during your menses, also get some Woman's Nursing Tea.  If you have to suppliment with formula it's not the worst thing in the world.
  • I only noticed mine dropping once--the day before I got my first PP AF. It hasn't seemed too bad since.
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  • I always get a supply dip the week before I get my period.  I couldn't tell you how much now since I'm not pumping.  Back when I was I'd say I'd lose maybe 2-3 oz a day.  I usually had to break into my freezer stash a bit.
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