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Go out/stay home??

I'm struggling with LO and naps when we are out and about. He doesn't sleep good, unless we are at home. Then he gets over tired and is hard to get to sleep. I don't mind being at home most days, but want to have time outside of the home to visit with family, run errands, and go to my moms group.I want to honor his routine but need to leave the house also. He's 12 weeks, and fights to go to sleep most days. When I'm home, I'm on top of his awake/ sleep times, and don't let him go past 90 mins awake. How do you all handle ?

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  • No advice...our LO is the exact opposite.  As soon as we put him in the car, stroller, or Ergo he falls asleep.  Some days the ONLY way we can get him to sleep is to leave the house.  When we stay home, he really struggles to sleep (we're lucky if we get 1-2 hours of total nap time during the day).   

    If you leave the house and he doesn't sleep, is he super-fussy while you're out?  If he seems to be calm and relaxed, then I would just go with it, and continue to take short trips even if they cut into his sleep.  If he's an absolute terror when he misses a nap, then you'll have to decide if you can handle that for a short period of time to do errands that need to be done, or if you're better off staying at home and getting someone else to do the errands.
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  • He gets fussy when we are out and it's nap time. But he sleeps on and off all day. I usually plan my outings around his nap times. But sometimes I have to be at places at certain times. I think he's just a homebody.
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  • No advice but I'm in the same boat as you with DS 11.5 wks. I'm getting so bored at home that I almost want to go back to work. GL!
  • Are you on a schedule for when LO does nap? If so, then I'd just plan my errands around the nap schedule. If not, I'd try to get on some basic schedule to know when LO should be sleeping and therefore when it's "safe" to go out.
  • Have you tried babywearing?  My kids will/would sleep pretty much anywhere if worn…even as older infants.  Was out all day yesterday with my big kids and Declan snoozed happily away!
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  • Typically babies have best naps in the morning and maybe first afternoon nap. Could you do something like plan most of your out and about time to be between like 3-6? Typically that is when babies take shorter naps so you wouldn't be messing with the good long naps?
    My youngest is only 2 weeks, but with my older DD we have to get out of the house. So I keep the very first nap of the day, and then we leave after that, then everyone naps at 12 after lunch. And then the evenings we can also get out if we need to. I don't know how this will work as my youngest gets older, but it's my plan and hoping it works out!

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  • I have a 7 week old so I still have a few weeks to get to where you are but I would suggest baby wearing when you need to go out and it's supposed to be his naptime.  The moby wrap for me has been a life saver!  I wore my guy the other day while out running errands at a few stores and he slept like a rock.  I think he gets his best naps when I either wear him or sleep with my arm wrapped around him!  My guy is still young so he probably just needs to be near me but maybe your LO is just in need of familiarity not just a homebody.  

    Good luck!
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    My guy, a little older, still doesn't have a nap schedule but it's pretty easy to predict when he needs to sleep (after being awake from 1-1.5 hrs usually).  Like your LO, he doesn't sleep in the stroller and very rarely in the car.  He will sleep in his carrier though so I try to time what we do knowing that.  I do try to let him get at least his first morning nap (if not 2) at home so he had an opportunity to sleep without being on the move.  Have you tried wearing him?
  • I got the moby. Haven't tried it yet. We went to the zoo today and he did well, and fell asleep in the other carrier I have. I'm thinking moby for nap time outings and front facing carrier for otther outings when he is awake. He likes to look around. Thanks everyone!
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