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Paying a Babysitter

How much would/do you pay a babysitter for an infant? What about an infant and a toddler?

DS is 3 and we have never had a babysitter besides a family member until this coming Saturday. We are leaving DD, who is 2 months, with a babysitter while we take DS to a county fair truck pull (woohoo) and we aren't sure how much to pay her. I asked her what her going rate is and she very politely told me she was okay with whatever. We would like to leave both kids with her at some point to get in a date night or two, also.

I don't remember what I was even paid when I babysat a million years ago, so please enlighten me with what is a good rate, without breaking the bank, now a days. TIA :)
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Re: Paying a Babysitter

  • $10 an hour is very normal where I am (Chicago) and probably on the low side.
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  • $17-$20 is the going rate in DC.

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  • Also, we are in the Pittsburgh area.
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  • Thanks BBColt78 and Jcrewgirl85. I was thinking around $10 for one and wasn't sure how much more for the second child. I'm glad to see I'm on the same page.
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  • purtzpurtz member
    Is she a high school student, college student or older? We pay $10/hr for a very responsible college student in the Denver, CO area.


  • High school student would be like 10 dollars.  

    College student or adult would be 12 for one kid and 14 for two kids.  I used to work for a nanny company and those were the rates. The rate started at 12 and $2 was added for each additional child.  

  • She's a college student going into her senior year.
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  • Thanks for all of the replies. I think we are set for Saturday. :)
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