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How do I get my one month old son to sleep in his bed.

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I get him to sleep n I put in his bed and he start crying. And he rather sleep in my bed. But then I don't sleep. What can I do.


  • Try swaddling in a rock n play.
  • We swaddle and use a white noise machine. Before the white noise machine, DS wasn't having any part of sleeping in his bed. Also, put your baby in bed sleepy but NOT ASLEEP YET. Imagine waking up somewhere different from where you went to sleep and not knowing how you got there. Scary, right?
  • DS sleeps in his crib at night, but in his stroller or bouncer during the day. We swaddle (only at night), and I saw that PPs recommended that. I also heard that you can sleep on the crib sheets and then they'll smell like you, which might help also. Good luck!
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  • Swaddle, white noise machine, and put baby down drowsy but not completely asleep. And sometimes you have to let them make some noise and settle down on their own.
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