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rolling over

When did your baby start to roll over?

Re: rolling over

  • DD will be 8 weeks on Wednesday. She rolled over last week but hasn't done it since. 
  • BC&LMBC&LM member
    4 months
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  • BlalaBlala member
  • 11 weeks and no rolling for us yet. Not even close.
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  • 7 days old. And he's been doing it ever since.


  • Around 5 weeks, my LO rolled over during tummy time. I thought it was a one time thing, but he continued to do it several times the next week. Now, he does it every now and then. Usually he just lands on his side.
  • One month old during tummy time. I knew he was getting close to accomplishing this feat around 2-3 weeks bc he's so wiggly on changing table. My little acrobat!
  • flclflcl member
    Some of your LOs rolled over really early.  7 days?!  Wow!

    My guy was super little when he rolled, or more like fell, over during tummy time.  I think he was less than a week old when he first did that.  That happened off and on during tummy time.  Around 7 weeks, he actively pushed himself over during tummy time.  Just this week, LO rolled himself over from back to front and has been doing it pretty regularly since.  
  • Front to back at 3 weeks but I feel like that doesn't even count. Back to front is what I consider real rolling, it happened at 3.5 m with DD and hasn't happened yet with Ds.
  • 2 weeks but hasn't done it much since then. My baby girl is 8 weeks today :-)

  • EdramiEdrami member
    6 weeks my LO even did in front of her pedi and almost rolled of the table
  • smushismushi member
    First time at 10 weeks, consistently by 11 weeks

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