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Toddler Lyfe

Recent funnies?  Crazies?  What are your LO ones doing lately to crack you up?

Ethan banishes Maya to time out when she does something he doesn't like.  They will be playing together and I suddenly hear "Time Out!" and see him pointing at her.  Of course, she yells back "No time out Buddy!"  It's quite the scene.

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Re: Toddler Lyfe

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  • Tessa is a ball of hilarious.

    Nora is just starting to say words in context and understand and be able to hold "conversations" but it's so funny how obsessed she is with Frozen. It's the first thing she asks for in the morning and will sit there and watch the entire thing.
    B changes obsessions. First it was Cars, then Monsters Inc, now it's Nemo. Every day he asks to watch it and he'll watch the whole thing. He gets scared when they get swallowed by the whale which he calls a "pain" AKA plane. "Mama, pain, scared."



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  • Colby tells me when he poops too. He is also putting a ton of sentences together. He is trying so hard to be independent. "I doot" ("I do it") comes out of his mouth a million times a day. He doesn't understand that there are some things that he really can't do. I try my best to let him assist as much as possible but when it comes to safety things like using knives and climbing stairs alone, he just gets frustrated and I feel bad.
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  • yogitea01 said:
    I told Evelyn she was pretty and she responded "Shush. Quiet". Well OK then...
    When I tell Maya she's pretty I get "I know, Mommy".
    LOL, DS does this too. He also, as I'm combing his hair in the morning, will say, "I'm almost handsome!" I always say, "You're always handsome." I don't know where he picked that up!

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  • BPer said:
    Hannah will tell us "I pooped" immediately after pooping.  But she hasn't been able to distinguish between gas and an actual BM until recently.

    The other day she looked at me and said "I pooped", and I said to H, "I think she just farted."

    This morning, while we were changing her diaper, she farted, and said "I pooped".  I responded "No, you didn't poop.", and she yelled, as loudly as she could "I FARTED!" 

    MIL is going to love that one.
    Everytime we change B's diaper he goes through this "Nugget, no nugget. Poop, no poop." OMG.



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  • G will put her baby down for a nap. Everything comes out of the crib. Lays the baby on her back then turns the little mobile on. But nothing can be in the crib haha.

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