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Got scared at Dr. Appt this morning

He was checking my belly and babys position. Then says..."when was your last ultrasound?". I told him at 18 wks. He says "hmm". Then he asks how much Brooks weighed when he was born. I told him 7lbs. 0oz. He replies "hmmm" again. Then he asks how tall I am. I tell him 5'5". Again I hear "hmm". He says "please join me over at the deak".

So I get off the exam table and go sit at the desk. He says "it's fairly common for tall skinny women to be able to hide a baby's size". "I'm concerned about her being small and we need to check her growth. I'm scheduling you for another ultrasound next week to watch her growth".

Those of you who have met me IRL know I'm not tall or skinny, so I'm confused as to why he thinks I'm able to "hide" my baby's size. And he thinks she isn't growing enough. I'm so scared. And now I have to wait until next Thurs for the ultrasound. And he went ahead and started me on every week appointments (at 34 wks). Yikes.

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Re: Got scared at Dr. Appt this morning

  • I'm sure it is nothing, but I'm glad they'll be checking & you'll get to see her on u/s again.  Fingers crossed & prayers said!
  • I'm sure that nothing is wrong, but I know that it would be incredibly stressful. FWIW, I am measuring 35w and I am 39.5w. Dr. said that is a perfectly normal range, and he estimates baby to be 6 lbs 10 oz.

    Don't worry hon!!! But be sure to keep us updated!

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  • I am sure it is nothing as well.  She may just be in a weird position or something and he can't really tell how big she is, but good for him to take a closer look.  Thursday will be here before you know it though, just take a deep breath and try to relax.  I am sure Brooks will do his best to find a way to keep you occupied until then :) 
    My sweet boy :)
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  • I am sure it is nothing to worry about and he is just taking extra precautions. Please do not worry about it, I am sure everything will be fine :)
  • This exact thing happened to my best friend.  The doc had her in a full fledge panic over nothing - at the next appt. the baby measured perfectly and the doc THEN SAID - "Oh, it must have just been the baby's position". 

    I'm sure she is perfectly fine and healthy.  Prayers for good news next week.

  • I agree.  She's probably small and healthy.  I was concerned that I wasn't big enough and my OB told me to look on the bright side, that it's easier to deliver a small baby!  She was 6lb 6oz at birth and is still just 17lb at 13+ months but is perfectly healthy.  (It's hard for MDs to see that sometimes though when they often just see the small size.)  It's to bad he kept saying "Hmm" like that because that's very disconcerting; I'm sure he's just being ultra-cautious.  Please don't worry -- look forward to seeing Caroline again!  Many hugs, Mommy!
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  • Aw, I know that would've freaked me out too! I started doing weekly ultrasounds at around 34 weeks to check for IUGR, and I know it's stressful worrying about size.

    Even if Caroline is small though (which she might not be, could just be a weird position or something!) she can still be 100% healthy. Maddie was 4lb 10 oz at birth and didn't even have to go to the NICU at all b/c she was just fine!

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  • Thanks ladies -- I knew I could find reassurance here!

    We have such an amazing group of women who are so supportive and wonderful to each other.

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  • They freaked me out more than once in my PG with DD that she was too tiny and not growing (I was only measuring 32 fundal at 36 weeks). ?I just carried small and had more than one U/S and it was always her position. ?She was born at 7 lb, 1 oz. ?I am sure it is fine, but it is good they are being proactive. ?You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Yeah, I'm not so sure I'd say 5'5" is tall.  And you're by no means overweight, but I'm just not sure tall and skinny is how I'd describe you.  To me, skinny means underweight.  Regardless, I agree with the others.  I doubt there's anything wrong and she's either in a weird position, or just a small but healthy baby.  I always measured small, but DS was born at a perfectly normal weight for his age.  And I'm short!  Just the way he was in there made me look small.  I was SO much smaller than the other women in our birthing class, people were always thinking something was wrong.  I just enjoyed people calling me small for once in my life!  Just think of it as an extra opportunity to see her! 

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  • It's good though that you're getting another peek at Caroline, but I can imagine how stressed you are.  It's probably the last thing you expected to hear at the drs and it was a shock to hear.  It's amazing how much the baby's position can influence the measurement. 
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  • I'm sure it's fine.  I will say extra prayers for you!
  • I'm sure everything will work out and that it's just her position.  Enjoy getting another peek at her and keep us posted!  Prayers and good thoughts your way!
  • I'm sure everything is fine! Sorry you have to have this extra stress, though. Enjoy that extra peek at your baby!

  • That's mean! He should have done the U/S right then. But then again, I'm sure if he was super concerned he wouldn't have waited another week. I pray that everything is perfect with Caroline.?
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