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crying during BMs

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Hi Moms, my 1 month old has recently started the past couple days crying really hard whenever she has to poop. I know that infants have a hard time getting BMs out but up until the past few days shed never cry so hard. She would grunt and turn red but not full out scream. Now when she has to poop she wakes up crying - it is concerning that her BMs are waking her up they're so painful/uncomfortable. She is having several wet and dirty diapers per day and her BMs are soft so I don't think she is constipated. Anyone deal with this or have advice?

Edit: I EBF.

Re: crying during BMs

  • Yes! I tried reducing dairy in my diet and that seems to have helped. I EBF. Not sure if you do or if your baby feeds on formula. Just a thought. Oh, I also do a lot of bicycle kicks with LO's legs which really helps move things along!
  • I EBF as well; sorry I forgot to mention that. :-As for dairy, I don't consume that much to begin with (maybe a piece of cheese every 1-2 days; no milk) and have been avoiding gassy veggies as well. Maybe I need to try harder to watch my diet. Thanks for the advice!
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