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Well, It Finally Happened

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I will have two seperate appointments for the boys at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Thursday.  They will be at different locations, about an hour apart, and will include three different specialties (one for M and at least two for J).

I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened.  I'm happy not to have to do the drive twice, but I do wish the whole family could just go in one car.  As it is, I'm talking J to his appointment in the morning, and my husband will bring M to his appointment in the afternoon.  J and I will meet them at the main campus after he's done with his visit in south Jersey.

I feel like I should add this to the "you know you're a mom of a kid with special needs" thread.

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    I'm sorry you're not able to go together (I know if it were me I'd want to be at both appointments or maybe make DH record the appt he's at since he's not as good with details ;) ) but I hope the appointments go well and are helpful!
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  • I read the blog of a person who had very, very early twins.  Every day sounded like this for them.  I'm glad you're getting appointments at least, and you can at least know someone else always has it worse.
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  • ...Well, at least your husband is able to be a hand so its not such a struggle.
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