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meds may cause me to stop BF?

I have a pretty bad recurring sinus infection.  My doc gave me a laundry list of meds to clear it up






It's the singulair and mucinex that has me worried.  there is no listing of it on    anyone have any experience w/these meds?

Re: meds may cause me to stop BF?

  • Does your dr know you're bf?  Maybe talk to your pedi.  I wouldn't stop bf because of a sinus infection. 
  • I left a message w/my ped.  I rather not take the meds than not BF but there has to be a middle ground somewhere.  I'm having trouble hearing and I am constantly tired and coughing.  I need to see what the peditrician says.  I just need to make it to May.  My goal is to BF 1 year.
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  • So my peditrician said yes to all the meds.  Apparently they give singulair to kids so it appearing in my breastmilk is not a problem.  I'm worried that the musinex might mess with my supply.  I'll post if it does.
  • I'm curious as to what happens with the mucinex... it's my wonder drug for sinus issues, and while I haven't had any yet (knock on wood!!!) I usually do at some point in time. 
  • I've taken singulair every day for the last 10 years or so.  It's absolutely safe to take while bfing and while pg.
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