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Has anyone taken this while pregnant.  I have 1 DS who is almost 6 and had severe PPD after giving birth...I was taking Prozac before that pregnancy but stopped it when I got pg. Within 3 weeks of having DS I was down a very dark hole.  So back on Prozac I went.  I've just recently switched to Wellbutrin and am feeling great.  We are thinking of #2.  I know it's a risks vs. benefits thing, but has anyone here taken Wellbutrin during pregnancy?  Was is helpful?  Did you have any trouble after birth?  I would take it throughout the pregnancy and continue afterward.  I'm currently on 150mg XR.  I'm hopeful, but also scared about the risks. Thanks to anyone for their feedback.  I loved these boards with DS, it's nice to be back!
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Re: Wellbutrin

  • I have not taken while pregnant but I took it before I was pregnant. I was on that and celexa. I decided to get off one and stay on one so I got off of this. I've been wanting to get back on since I delivered (4 weeks ago) but doctor is hesitant. Want to wish you luck! I just upped my celexa so hoping I don't need the Wellbutrin.

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