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DNA results in

Anyone have any experience with or info on 14q11.2 duplication?

Isabelle born via emergency c-section after her heart stopped 04.29.10
asthma, astigmatism, amblyopia, allergies, tongue and maxillary ties

Noah born via RCS 12.09.13
14q11.2 duplication, receptive language and adaptive behavior delays
multiple health concerns under evaluation
follow him here: www.facebook.com/lovefornoah

Re: DNA results in

  • EmAreEmAre
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    I have no experience with that duplication. My daughter has 16p11.2 deletion syndrome and I have had luck finding Facebook groups for either that exact location or even just the 16th chromosome. You may be able to find more info there. Good luck!

    ETA: Also, http://www.rarechromo.org/html/home.asp might have some info for you. They also have a world wide database where, once you register, they are able to connect you with others around the world dealing with your specific duplication.
    mommyof4boys[Deleted User]
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