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Potty Training Issues - Part Two

Ok - so for those who didn't read my original post, I have a 3 year old DD who has a speech delay. Potty training has been difficult because she can't/doesn't tell us when she has to go. So we take her on the clock, every 45 minutes. However, she started getting really upset when she didn't have to go to the point where she would hit her private area :(.

Per suggestions on here we decided to extend out her time to 90 minutes and simultaneously we started her at a daycare (which didn't work out for this and other reasons). At daycare she started going to the potty by herself so now we are not taking her every 90 minutes but instead letting her get us when she needs to go. This is actually working out ok, but we encountered a new problem this morning. We figured out that she thinks she needs to pee every time she sits on the potty so this morning she went #2 and she had peed only about 30 minutes before so she didn't have to pee but she had a huge melt down over not peeing. I'm at work but my husband ended up just letting her sit on the toilet for another 40 minutes (yes 40 minutes) and she finally peed, then she was fine afterwards. 

We've told her that she doesn't have to pee, I've showed her that sometime I don't pee and it's ok but it still isn't working. I asked her therapist for advice but she really had none. I guess I'm just at a loss on this, maybe it will pass? 
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Re: Potty Training Issues - Part Two

  • Hi DC2London, we haven't tried water, but we've tried distracting her with other things that she loves like stickers, flashlight, iPad etc. and she just keeps running back and sitting on the toilet. 
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  • I have a feeling she'd just throw the water. 
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  • Maybe you can make a chart, that has pictures for pee and poop ("I peed on the potty" " I pooped on the potty"), and talk about which she has to do. Then she can mark with a sticker which one she did. I have seen a potty chart like this on a site called free printables.
  • Loppy19 said:
    Does she get a reward when she successfully goes potty? My DD did the same thing and we ended up giving her a reward for just trying so she wasn't sitting on the toilet all day trying to pee for an M&M, haha.
    That's a good idea - she loves sticker and I just bought a set of 1,000 Minnie stickers, which are in hiding. Maybe I can do this with her :)
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