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Previous Miscarriage and Possible Current Pregnancy

I am a twenty year old girl, and could possibly be 5 weeks pregnant (test not yet taken, drs appointment next week). Last June I miscarried my daughter Madeline at 20 weeks. Although I am excited about my possible pregnancy as is my partner. I cant help but feel firstly terrified and secondly guilty of maybe replacing ghe girl i lost.

I dont know what to do... I couldnt abort i would not be able to live with myself

Please help 

Re: Previous Miscarriage and Possible Current Pregnancy

  • All you can do is take everything one day at a time. Did they tell you why you lost your baby girl? Most likely you will be monitored a lot closer this time around. Stay positive.
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  • I'm sorry to hear about the loss you suffered. I've lost 2 and now I'm pregnant again. I have to admit that I haven't been excited much about this pregnancy. I'm still waiting to get by my m/c dates. I don't see your second pregnancy as "replacing" the child you lost. Nothing can replace her. You're moving on and trying to have the family you always wanted. She would want that for you!
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  • I don't know if the fear will ever go away.  I'm almost out of the 1st trimester, and I'm still terrified - and spotting, which doesn't help.  This isn't about replacing the baby you lost.  You will never be able to do that.  Nor would you want to.  This is about continuing to build the family you crave, and have a child who you can love and cherish.  I know I will never take for granted the baby I am yet to have.  Having had a MC - albeit much earlier - I am equally terrified and grateful with each passing day.  As PP said.. take this one day at a time.  And think of this as Madeline's little brother or sister.  You'll have to love this baby double, to give him or her the love that Madeline can't in-person.  If you believe such things, your new baby will have a guardian angel looking after him/her from above.
  • one child can never replace another. Just like one pregnancy will cancel the pain of a loss. if you are pregnant congrats!! It can be bittersweet. We have lost 3 this past year. I am currently 18w6d I feel blessed to have this opportunity at the same time I have a hard time being excited. I know something can happen again just trying to stay positive.

    I believe your lil Angel in heaven wants you to be happy. I hope you find peace in pregnancy once again. pgal brainsucks and never goes away.
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