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Registry Dilemma for Small-Town Kansas

Our first little one is due Nov. 17th! 

So here's a dilemma that is probably unique to small-town Kansas. We live in Wichita. My in-laws live in southwest Kansas where there are only 2 places to shop within 30 miles: JCPenney's and Walmart. I made a registry for Penney's but their website is the absolute worst and the store near there is so small that I know nothing I find in Wichita will be in that store. As for Walmart - I just can't stand it. I really can't. I'm not a snob, I'm not going to registry at Pottery Barn or something. I just cannot stand Walmart. But my in-laws will totally want to buy stuff there.

I've found plenty of things at Target that I really like, especially the big stuff like crib, stroller, etc. The closest Target will be at least 60 miles away for my in-laws. And of course they hate to drive anywhere and they CANNOT shop online because their internet connections are still DIAL-UP!!! It's like they're Amish or something!!! 

So do you think I'm going to get it for registering soley at Target? My FIL's family are today normal, but my MIL's family is straight up crazy at times, and they hold a grudge like nobody's business. I've never drawn their ire before, mostly because they LOVE my husband SO MUCH that he can do no wrong, including choosing a wife. 

My husband says I should just register where ever I want and not worry about it. What do you think? Am I asking for it? 

Re: Registry Dilemma for Small-Town Kansas

  • Hi! I'm from Olathe!

    You may feel like it's not worth the fight, but this is YOUR baby, not theirs. Register where you guys want, and ask dh to stand up for you if there is a problem. This is not worth you stressing out, especially this early. Focus on you and baby, and daddy! This will be a beautiful time for you two to share.

    If they do buy at Walmart, either use it for grocery money or ask for receipts. Hope this helps! Good luck with your pregnancy

  • Hi, I'm also in the Wichita area (Derby).

    I totally don't blame you for wanting to register at Target over JC Pennys and Walmart. That's a no brainer. I'm not sure how they will take it, but you're giving them a grandbaby so they can't be too mad!

    One thing you can do is offer to print out a list of your Target registry and mail it to them, so they can look for similar items at Wal Mart. Also, they could always just wait until they come to Wichita for your shower or when the baby is born, then go to Target. 

    Don't stress about it too much. Pregnancy is enough work without having to worry about everyone else. 

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  • I live in McPherson and had a similar situation. I would say register where you want. People are going to by you stuff from where ever they want and you can just return it. I understand not liking Walmart but I made DH register us there so that we could at least control a little bit and it is way easier to return if you have a registry.
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  • Thanks for the input. I know it's early but this is like the first thing I thought about when we were talking about when we'll tell our families. My mother-in-law's family takes everything so personally. I try to be sensitive to them because it's never been directed at me. My poor sister-in-law, though, she catches ALL of it.

  • Also remember that a registry is just suggestions. Since they live so far away they might not even care. I registered in amazon and buybuybaby. And my family just lives in Topeka. And they don't have buybuybaby there. That is why the Internet was invented :. Good luck.



  • I would just suck it up and register at Walmart. They have a lot of the same stuff/brands you will find at Target, BRU, BBB. The Snug-a-bunny swing from Walmart is the exact same thing as the Snug-a-bunny swing from any other place.

    I understand the "Walmart is icky" thought. I live in Kansas City, Walmart here is icky.

    But when I go back to my hometown (near Hays, KS), EVERYONE shops at Walmart, even doctors and lawyers, because it's one of the only stores. And Walmarts in small towns like that are kept up much better than Walmarts in larger towns/cities. Walmart in Hays, KS is like Target in Kansas City.

    Yes, the internet exists and they can order online, but a lot of people wait until the last minute and want to go grab a gift in-store the day before the shower. 


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  • I live in Independence and I understand the dilemma.  The good thing about Walmart is the easily accept returns and you could always use the money towards diapers or formula instead!  Good luck!
  • I live in dodge city, so I know what you mean.  Also most of my family lives in the coffeyville area which has less selection.  I didn't want to go with Walmart, but I wish I would have.  I think I would have gotten more things off my registry if I would have made one with Walmart.  Someone suggested it to me, but I didn't and ended up getting a lot of the same things.
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  • I live in sw ks and there really is NOT much out here. but I registered online walmart, target and amazon.  shipping is a little high, but I wanted to be delievered to me, not to the store that I would have to go pick up. 


    do things for YOU :)

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  • Ha! Wichita is BIG TIME for where I am. (Hays) :)
  • rae76rae76
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    I live in SW Kansas....and I'm 60 miles from Walmart & JCP.  I say register where ever you want to.  Whether that's Babies R Us or Pottery Barn or Target.  We all know how to online shop and that's what I do 90% of the time.  The older population out here may not online shop, but as I found with my first son, they will get you whatever they want regardless of a registry and the local grocery stores in our small towns sell diapers/wipes/baby necessities.  So they can always put together a necessities basket if need be.  
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