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Kindy is over; sad!

Today is DS's last day of kindergarten. It was a great year and we adored his teacher. I'm really sad that the year is over.

Anyone else?

Re: Kindy is over; sad!

  • DD's last day was May 28th and I was definitely sad.  I didn't love her teacher, but I loved her school.  (She was in a Kindergarten center with 500 kindergarteners, and will be moving to her home school in the fall--1st-5th graders).  I just can't believe I have a 1st grader.  That seems so old to me!
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  • Aww. :) My boys just finished Pre-K which is crazy enough. Glad your son had such a great year!
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  • Mine finished K on June 6. I can't believe he's going into first grade in the fall!
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  • Yes! DS is done tomorrow :( It flew by! He brought home his journal last week and the growth in writing is simply amazing! I love his teacher and his school (a just K school one street away that we walk to). Next year seems like such a huge change!
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  • DS was very sad at the end of school this year.  His 3rd grade teacher has been amazing, and he's leaving to go to a magnet school next year, so he won't see her or any of his favorite teachers around the halls.  He's really excited about next year, but he's a kid who feels "goodbyes" very strongly, so last week was hard for him.

    DD is also heading from middle school to high school next year, but this is a cause for celebration rather than sadness. Although we loved her particular magnet program, the school itself was pretty bad.  And this year she had one really bad teacher who was in charge of a lot of group projects, so she's feeling relieved to be finished with him! 
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  • My second child finished K too.  IDK if it was the rough year or the second child lack of nostalgia but I was indifferent to see it go.   We did finally (4 teachers later) get to a good point and I wish he had more time with her.  Otherwise, he wouldn't be as behind.  

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