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Marker on Anatomy Scan

So I had my anatomy scan last week and when the Dr came in at the end she said that I had 1 of 13 markers for Down Syndrome, but that everything else looked good. At first I didn't really know what she was saying, and she had horrible bedside manner, so I decided to wait until I saw my normal GYN to ask questions.  Today I had my regular appointment and when I asked her about it she said that the testing center had not faxed over my results yet (6 days later).  Then she was asking me if it was a hard marker or a soft marker, and if it was a soft marker, which one was it... but I have no idea! She said if it was a hard marker they most likely would have recommended an amnio, which they didn't do, so she is assuming it's a soft marker.  And if that's the case, 1 soft marker basically means nothing and I shouldn't worry about it... But of course I'm worrying about it! Has anyone else come across this at all, or have any other information about these markers? 

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