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Baby shower ?

Now that I'm hospitalized for the rest of my pregnancy we have had to change my family baby shower. Do we still have it before the baby here at the hospital or wait until I deliver? My work is also questioning when I should have mine before or after baby? Anyone been in this situation have advise on what to do?

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  • With a previous pregnancy I was in and out of the hospital for 8 weeks and my scheduled shower was during one of my hospital visits. The planners just waited until after I delivered to give me time to settle in and recover. It may be good to wait until after delivery. The hospital may be against a shower there.
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  • It could be nice to have your friends and family shower you with love and presents while you are stuck in there. I'm guessing you'll have to okay it with the hospital as I'm assuming that would be a whole lot of visitors!
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  • My baby shower was planned for after my DS was born, because that was just the way my family does baby showers. I really liked having it after that way then everyone can see the baby also.

    If you are going to be hospitalized it's not like you are going to be able to go through your stuff anyway. Maybe having something little with a couple close family members and friends to help pass your time there and get some of the stuff you would need right away would be something to concider and then have the regular shower after?
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  • If your hospital is okay with it and your room is big enough, I think it would be fun to have a small group of people over for a shower. And then maybe do a baby meet-and-greet when you get home for everyone else.

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  • Like PP said, it would depend on how many ppl the hospital would let in your room and if the doc thinks it's ok. Depending on what your chart looks like and how your feeling, it may be too much activity for you.
    I would probably end up waiting.
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  • It's up to your host (and the hospital) really. 

    I am sure it will be a nice break for you to have a shower there at the hospital. There is no reason why you couldn't have one there, unless for medical reasons your OB says no. Most hospitals have a little room they will let you use to if your room isn't big enough, so your host could check with them. 

    As long as your host is willing to change the location and wants to keep it before the birth -- than I say do it!! 
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