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  • I need an option of "none of the above, DH is an idiot and I doubt we'll ever agree on a name"
  • We've had a girl's name since before we were married.  We have a first name for a boy (yay!) but we are still working on the middle name and he's going to be here in less than a month.
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  • Having been pregnant with one of each, I'd say the boy names were hands down easier!  I never thought it would be this difficult to pick a girl name.  I just want to choose a name that people will take seriously when she's an adult...nothing too cutesy, stripperish or trendy!
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  • Picking DD's name was pretty easy.  If we ever have a boy, there's going to be a battle because I've had my heart set on a name forever and, while my husband likes the name, he doesn't love it.
  • Girls can be such b!tches...DH and I had a real hard time w/ girls names.
  • Dh has the weirdest boys names that he likes, but he actually likes the same girls names that I like. Thankfully we are having a girl, so we don't have to worry about a boys name!
  • Boys names are definitely easier for us.  We have 2 boys names on our list and about 15 girls names.
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  • Because this is our first it was actually pretty easy for us to come up with a girl name.  They boy name was a little harder.  Luckily we are having a girl.  :)
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