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Legend of Zelda Family Halloween Costumes

For Halloween my baby is going to be Link from Legend of Zelda. I want coordinating costumes for his dad and I. I don't want to be Zela. I was thinking maybe Nayru for me. My husband suggested Impact but she seems kind of mannish. What do you think? Also, who should my husband be?

Re: Legend of Zelda Family Halloween Costumes

  • I would google it or pinterest. Not familiar with the characters but Im sure you can find something online.
  • OMG, DH and I were Link and Zelda one year for Halloween and won a costume contest. 

    You could always be Sheik rather than Zelda. You could have both LO and DH be Link for a sort of young Link, older Link thing. Or your H could be one of the villains, like Gannon or Vatti. 
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  • Awesome!! My LO was young Link last year and he was adorable! Fairly easy costume too. I dressed up as Navi since we did costumes from Ocarina of Time, and I had a sign that read, "Hey! Listen!" DH did not dress up, but yours could be Ganondorf, or the young link/older link combo. Hubby could be Dark Link, the Great Deku Tree. Sheik is a good idea for you. Epona. Google Legend of Zelda characters and there's a great wiki page detailing each one. Hope it turns out great!
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