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Mspi and reintroduce milk question

Hi everyone. My DD is 15 months old and has mspi and recently I decided to try to re introduce milk to see how it would go. We are still nursing. I have been having a small amount of creamer in my coffee in the morning this week, and it seemed to be going well. However, on Friday (day 4), she was up all night. Would not sleep without being attached to the boob, and even then she was doing acrobatics and kicking her legs like crazy. On Friday I also had given her a new cracker I found that I thought was safe. She ate a ton of them and also had a few on sat and today. The nighttime sleep has been bad since Friday night. So I decided to re read the ingredient and sure enough, I totally missed that there was whey in the crackers. She has also been chewing on her hands like crazy. She has All of her teeth except the two yr molars and I can't tell if they are coming in causing the sleep issue or if it's from the dairy. So, those that unsuccessfully re introduced dairy,how did you know it was not successful? She seems fine during the day but night time is a whole other story.

Re: Mspi and reintroduce milk question

  • I re-intro'd dairy around 15 mo also and DS had smelly, mucousy poop. I didn't notice if he was fussy. When I tried again a few months later I didn't notice any symptoms, and he eats dairy now just fine. HTH!

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