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I think my PISA is crapping out on me. The dial to adjust speed/pressure is acting funny. I was at Target last night and they had an Avent Isis IQ Duo on clearance. I would assume it is due to the bottles packaged with it not being the new BPA free ones? Also I use Avent bottles so being able to pump into the bottles we use would be nice since BRU pulled the adapters just as I found them and wanted to buy. Just wondering if anyone else uses an Avent pump, how you like it, and if possible compare to the PISA.

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  • I just a Medela but I do have some advice with you.  Call your credit card company and seeif you can use your reward points to get gift certificats to Babies R Us or Buy Buy BAby and use that to buy a new pump.
  • I'd call Medela.  Their customer service is supposedly fantastic.  I will say that I had issues once with my dial, and I unplugged my pump and plugged it back in.  All is fine now. 

    I don't know much about the Avent pump. 

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  • Call Medela. Their customer support IS fantastic. They will try and troubleshoot the problem over the phone, but if they cant fix it, they will send you a new pump or a part you need to fix it with. I had a PIS we got new in box off of Ebay, old style so it was WAY out of warranty, but they replaced it no questions asked when it crapped out after a few weeks. I called them at 3pm Friday and had a brand new pump on my doorstep at 10am Saturday...they weren't kidding when they say overnight shipping!
  • I have the IQ DUO and I have been very happy with it. In my experience, it is quieter than the Medela and I love that I can customize the speed and suction. My only issues with it are that replacement parts are extremely difficult to come by. There is also only one horn size which can be a problem.
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