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Middle name suggestion w/ Brandon

Just wanted some suggestions on a middle name to go with Brandon.  Last name starts w/ K and is one syllable.  TIA.

Re: Middle name suggestion w/ Brandon

  • CHI-06CHI-06
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    James, Michael
    Daughter born July 2008; Daughter born March 2010 Son born August 2011
  • My cousin is Brandon William.
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  • Lee




  • James, Shane, Patrick, Paul
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  • my brother is Brandon Joseph, and I love it :)
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  • Brandon Elijah

    Brandon James

    Brandon Elliott

    Brandon Olliver

    Brandon Reed

    Brandon Jacob

  • Alexander, Charles, Christopher, Matthew, Thomas, William


  • I have always been a big fan of Brandon Michael.. others I like would include...

    Brandon James

    Brandon John

    Brandon Scott

    Brandon Lester

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  • we are probably using Brandon William (william after my granddad) :)

  • My husband's name is Brandon David and we have a monosyllabic last name as well. 


    I love it :)

  • DS name is Brandon Marcell - marcell is after dh's brother who passed. ?his initials (not planned at all!) are BMW :) ?my mom nicknamed him beemer
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  • Brandon Michael is my favorite but here are some others:

    Brandon Caleb
    Brandon Jacob
    Brandon Tyler
    Brandon James
    Brandon Connor
    Brandon Cooper
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