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Spotting at 7 weeks!

Starting on Wednesday at 6.5 weeks I noticed some light brown spotting. An ultrasound showed a heartbeat and a blood test showed good hormone results. The spotting has continued though and now at 7 weeks exactly today I still have the light brown spotting. It fluctuates in heaviness, the ultrasound was fine at 6.5 weeks, and the doctor didn’t seem concerned, but I can’t help but worry! I was told if there was cramping or bleeding to call, and if it still continued spotting for a week to call as well. I feel like I am such a nervous nelly and can't relax though! Any advice from mom’s who have been here before?

Re: Spotting at 7 weeks!

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    I was SUPER nervous at first too. I had spotting around the same time and read it was okay. I went to the doctor and she made a big deal out of it and told me I could probably miscarry! Thats what a super paranoid first time Mom wants to hear! I was already switching doctors offices at the time for other reasons, after that visit I couldn't get away from her fast enough! I'm now 7 months pregnant and everything has been totally fine. I would keep your doctor in the loop about whats going on and if it gets more severe, definitely call them! I think once you get past a certain point, like I did, you won't be so nervous! Just remember everyone's body is different! Good luck!
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    I bled....couldn't even call it spotting....from weeks 5-13 . Literally.  Occasionally, I would get a day or two off, but it was pretty constant.  Even really heavy at times.  But, everytime they would do an ultrasound, the baby was just fine and there was no clear answer for the bleeding.  At week 13 it stopped.  And that baby is now almost three.  I was panicked throughout it all, but learned it was more common than imagined. 

  • Not sure if your still checking this post but wanted to say that I'm another success story after bleeding, yes bright red painful, cramping bleeding at probably weeks 4-6.
    I actually found out I was pregnant because I went to my regular doctor for painful stomach cramps and bleeding, she sent me to the ER after telling me I was pregnant, and that doctor told me I had threatened miscarriage and he would put his money on me losing the baby.
    Well, my LO is 6 months old so you just never know!
    Good luck and try to relax
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