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Restless legs while sitting?

DH & I were at bible study tonight sitting for a little over an hour. My legs were crazy restless & so uncomfortable.I ended up standing at the end of the meeting.

Any suggestions on how to prevent /minimize this? It doesn't seem to bother me at night. DH suggested drinking more water, so I guess I'll try that. TIA!?

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Re: Restless legs while sitting?

  • My OB said to drink about 8oz. of Gatorade around dinner time, or a few hours before you usually get the RLS.  Mine is worst at night, after dinner when I'm just sitting on the couch watching TV, so I try to have some Gatorade just before dinner.  I think it does help a little.  Stretching might also help.  I don't think there's a great solution during PG since we can't take drugs to help - lol!  I hope it feels a little better for you soon!
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