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17 dd cries hysterically when going down for a nap now and still climbs out if crib

It's day 2 and dd still fights her nap and constantly climbs out of her crib (started climbing out yesterday), I kept putting her back in without saying anything but she's hysterically crying so I stopped to hold and nurse her. I'm so lost, idk what to do anymore. Any thoughts/advice/tip?

Re: 17 dd cries hysterically when going down for a nap now and still climbs out if crib

  • Hi anna, I had the same problem with our son. He freaked out when we put him down for naps and bedtime. We had already established a great bedtime routine, bath - pj's - read a story or two whilst sitting on dad or mum's lap having a cuddle - into bed - sit for a few minutes as he settled.

    But for three days or so it was terrible and heart wrenching. I identified it as separation anxiety and did a wee bit of research. So, the wife and I decided to make sure to tell him every time we left the room even if it was just for a second. We made sure he was aware that we'd come back and after a few days he was perfect again. 

    I'm not a big believer in the cry it out thing - not when she can climb out of her crib. Try from today to talk to her and let her know where you're going (even if she's happily playing). Once she realizes that you do leave (and come back) I think your bedtime routines and naps will start to get better again.
    ~Trumpette (Tom)
    Father of 2 boys one of which is in Potty Training.

  • I'm no expert on sleep for kiddos...see post about transitioning to a toddler bed...I can help your adult insomnia in 4-6 weeks, but kids are a complete mystery. I agree with @Trumpette. Not a fan of crying it out. When transitioning to a crib we would let DH cry for a very short period if time. Go in rub his back until calm/asleep then leave. He'd cry in like 10-15 mins. We would wait just a tiny bit longer than last time and go in. Repeat until out like a light. It helps to reinforce you'll be back and that you'll respond if your LO really needs you. It was tough for about a week before it slowly got better. But, since we weren't sleeping anyway it didn't really matter. Routine takes time to establish and patience is hard to come by when we are sleep deprived. Try your best to hang in there. On a semi related note...It takes 28 days plus or minus to make something a habit, but we are usually only able to stick with something for 18-21 days before throwing in the towel and saying "this doesn't work/isn't worth it". When you feel fed up, give yourself one more week.
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