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Newish to Kennesaw/Acworth/Marietta

Hello! First time preggy (29 weeks) new to area since June. Who else? :)

Re: Newish to Kennesaw/Acworth/Marietta

  • There are a bunch of us in the area! Welcome!
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • We live right on the Acworth/Kennesaw line. Welcome!






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  • Us too! Congrats!
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  • Congrats! I live in Kennesaw as well.

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  • I just moved back to Acworth this month. Welcome! 
  • We live in Woodstock not too far from acworth! Welcome to the area. Great place to live and raise babies!
  • Congrats and welcome! Marietta (west) here!  looking into mommy groups as I am a FTM so as to make some friends in the area, all of my friends and family live either out of state or a few hours away!
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  • JeannieS22JeannieS22 member
    edited November 2013
    Goodness! Late getting back to replies, but thanks! I'm not excellent with navigating these. Maybe there is a way to be notified of replies and I'm missing it? :-)

    Anyway, I'm getting used to the area. I still haven't met many folks here. My parents live a couple of hours away in AL, so that's a plus. We moved here from Raleigh, NC.

    37 weeks yesterday and getting nervous as hell about the Labor Day! Lol My husband goes out of town next week for a few days and I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that baby does not decide that's the time.

    I hope everyone has a great Sunday!
  • Im in Kennesaw.  Right near Wade Green rd 
  • Hi everyone! I'm about 8 weeks and we live in Acworth. Would love to meet some new friends in the area.
  • Mom987Mom987 member
    Kennesaw here :)
  • Hi ladies, I didn't realize there were so many locals on here - Kennesaw myself!  I haven't been using the boards on here (not really sure how, honestly), just getting the weekly emails.  I am 37 weeks today!  I just had a mini melt-down over text with my sisters who are in NJ with the rest of the family.  I don't even know how to start a new discussion thread on here or I would do that.  My issue I'm currently obsessing over as a FTM is this: I bought a crib/toddler bed from an old sorority sister with a mattress pretty early on in the pregnancy (before I had the chance to learn a lot or do a lot of research).  She sold me the mattress to go with it, too.  Problem is, DH & I have set it up in the nursery & when you push the mattress to the corner of the crib, there's a 1.5" - 2" gap along the side (longer side) and a bigger gap at the end (shorter side) where I can almost fit 3 fingers side-by-side between the mattress edges & the slats.  I went back & looked at my friend's pics she posted on fb when she was selling it (it was disassembled for easier pick-up when I got it from her), and she actually has a bumper stuffed as low as it would go around the whole mattress, I guess alleviating the gap.  The bumper looks like it sticks up about 1-2" above the top edge of the mattress in the pics.  I asked my sisters about this - they each have 1 baby, with another on the way - and they both freaked out when I sent them this info & pics of the gap, saying it was unsafe & I should get a whole new crib.  DH bought some foam padding about a week ago & was going to fix it to the edges of the mattress, so it would be under the sheet, essentially expanding the dimensions of the mattress but not leaving it accessible to DS once he gets here & grows & becomes mobile.  But all the research I have been doing has me so torn!  DH is VERY handy, but I don't know about suffocation & getting stuck risks.  The measurements of both the crib and the mattress fall within the "standard" ranges (which drives me nuts that standard isn't a fixed number), which worries me that if they're standard and I spend all that money (that we don't have to spare) on a new crib, we will still have the same problem.  My stubbornness and how much work & money we've already invested in the current crib are fighting with my desire to have the safest possible environment for our first (or any future) child!  Plus, I keep reading conflicting reports on whether or not bumpers are safe at all to use.  We have both a mesh kind and a traditional kind, but I'm afraid to use either because of all the different reports, articles, and anecdotal advice I keep reading.  Meltdown here, going on 3 hours now, please help!
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