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  • The pictures are too cute! I'm mobile so I can't post a picture but our German Shepherd/Whippet will snuggle up next to the boppy while I'm nursing her. He just scoots closer and closer until I stop him lol
  • These are so cute. They are making me miss my dog. He never had any interest in DS or DD as babies anyway. He only started liking DS when he was a toddler who dropped lots of food on the floor. Them they became BFF's. ;-)


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  • All these cute pics are making me sad! My border collie was hit by a car I. October. He was 5 and ever since he was a pup I couldn't wait to see him with my babies someday. He was so protective and alert with kids/babies. He would sniff my nephews diaper when dirty until we changed it - he woulda been a big help!
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  • I'm so glad y'all shared all of these pictures!! Love them!!
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  • beagle & a baby!

    Love it! My beagle mix is obsessed with the baby and watches him sleep all the time!
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    We just took Aiden's two month photos on Tuesday, and we have a couple good ones of him and Duffy, our golden.  I'll have to AW them later!
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