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Are these names too similar?

Lately I've been liking the name Bruce for our baby boy.  DH reminded me he has a cousin with a 3 year old named Brice.  Normally I wouldn't care, but DH's generation only has 4 children in the family and everyone is pretty close. 

Is Bruce too close to Brice?  Would you be upset if you were the cousins?  I don't even want to ask them as I know they'll say yes even if it does bother them. 

Re: Are these names too similar?

  •  nope, I dont think it is too close to use.  I think that as long as you arent using the same name as they are then it is ok.  If you love it then use it!

    My aunt and uncle named their youngest daughter Jessie about 4-5 years after my parents named me Jessica.  I dont think anyone cared.

  • Yes, they are very similar. Would I do it? Probably, if it were a name I really loved. It's not like it's the same name.

    If you aren't opposed to your family knowing your name choices, I would share your thoughts with them and gage their reactions.

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  • I think they are pretty similar. However if you love the name, use it.
  • My Mom had 3 cousins named Marie and her sister was named Marie. They all acted like it was normal. The name you chose isn't even the same, so no it wouldn't upset me in the slightest.
  • If you love Bruce, go for it!  I have friends who are cousins named Leanne and Breanne.  It was never a problem for them!
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  • We have Annabelle and Isabel and they are the same age and best friends. Kids think that stuff is cool.
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  • Do you see them often. My sister has a son names Aidan and we see them often, I love Brayden and Hayden but will not do it because I think it will be silly. I think it depends on you. GL
  • I am Melanie and my cousin is Melissa. People get us mixed up all the time.


    I personally think they are too similar.

  • I don't think they're too simililar.  Go for it, if you love Bruce.
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  • If you had a child named Brice I would say Bruce is too close, but I think it's fine if they are cousins. 
  • They're definitely similar, but I it's not like the cousin is Brice and you want Brycen or something like that. Will they have the same last name?
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