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New at BF'ing

I am pregnant with twins, 28 weeks.  I have a 4 yr old DD and was not able to BF due to medical issues with her.  Anyway, I really want/need to BF this time.  Is it possible with twins?  TIA!

Re: New at BF'ing

  • I know of moms who have... hopefully some will respond!

    Here's a link to lots of articles about it:

    Good luck!!!

  • I did not experience this, I do however, have a friend that had twin girls 4 years ago and she BF'd them til they were 6 months old. That's when she went back to work and her supply went down, she would've kept it up but since she's a nurse it was hard for her to pump while she was at work.

    It is a lot of work, a lot! I told her I didn't know how she did it with twins, it's hard enough with one. You can do it!!!!!!

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  • My cousin nursed her twins. It can be done.
  • It is very possible.  Try posting this on the multiples board and I know you would get a lot of responses from girls that did.  I am still going strong at 14 months.  My situtation is a little different though.  My two were born 15 weeks early and were in the NICU for 96 days.  I pumped from the beginning and about a month after they came home I was able to get them to latch well.  I now tandem nurse them in the morning and usually pump the rest of the time unless we go out and I nurse one and bottle feed the other.  That way I don't have to pump.  I have a hard time nursing them more often and pumping less, because I am so used to pumping and I feel the need to make sure I have enough milk for both of them.  It has been really hard, but definately worth it.  I plan on weaning in a little over a month.  They can start having cow's milk in February and at that time I plan on nursing them in the morning still.  I also work part time as a nurse and have made it a priority to pump once at work while I eat dinner.  Work has to give you a break.  Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with :)
  • Thank you all for your comments.  I will definaly look at the article. 
  • Hi, check out the Multiples Board there are several MOMs that are bfing their twins that would be able to provide you with great info. It was a struggle for me but I was able to bf my girls until they were 6 months old. I did also supplement with formula but I didn't have the great resources of this or the Multiples board. GL!
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