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picky eater?

My LO just turned 10 months and I am having trouble getting her to eat fruits and veges. She eats pastas and breads (french toast, :pancakes, banana bread) well but whenever it comes to fruits and vegetables she just plays with them or spits them out. Ive tried baking them, steaming them, slicing them into sticks and cutting them up and nothing seems to work. She will take almost every vegetable in a puree, just not as a solid. Any suggestions?

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  • I would keep trying. Have you tried making the puree chunky? That way she is getting chunks of fruit or veggie with some puree. May help if you use her favorite fruits or veggies as well. Dont give up!
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    My LO did not like the slimy texture of fruits and veggies in his hands at first and would only eat the dry foods like yours. We started feeding him chunks of them on a fork, and once he realized he liked them, then he started eventually picking them up on his own too.

    You could also make veggie patties:

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  • A LO has to have the ability to try a food something like 21 times before you can declare that he/she doesn't like it. I would just keep trying and don't try "hiding" it in something. How will he/she ever learn to eat it or decide whether or not to like it if he/she don't even know he's/she's eating it? Don't just stress about getting food in his/her mouth- think about what sort of life lessons you're creating.
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    Also one of LO's favorites that your LO might like: top a whole wheat English muffin with tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken, onion, peppers, asparagus, and other veggies.
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