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Postpartum Depression

Hello! Intro...

Hey ladies! Figured I might as well make a quick intro as I'm sure I'll be lurking here a lot more often now. I've been peeking around for awhile during my pregnancy. I don't work because of a back injury and had severe pre eclampsia (actually quit my job cause my boss was an ass about me being in the military). Had LO on 5/6 and things were going great until about 2 weeks ago. My random "baby blues" became much more frequent and more severe. I've had crying bouts just about everyday. Between LO refusing to go back to sleep when she wakes to feed at night, not being able to breastfeed like I wanted to, constantly pumping, and being stuck at home by myself all the time, I've felt a constant sense of hopelessness and detachment from things I loved in life. I love my little girl more than anything in the world, and DH is an amazing support to me and an amazing father. But I feel like I can't cope anymore. I have a history of depression from PTSD and more than one loss before so I know how I feel when I'm depressed or having anxiety problems. I'm lucky to have such a supportive hubby and he does so much when I'm not feeling well. But the past two weeks has gotten to him too and last night he broke down crying also. I feel guilty putting responsibility on him at night when he's the one who works long hrs during the day and I'm at home with the baby and able to nap (which never happens, I just can't sleep during the day). He tries to get me to go back to bed and he'll handle LO, but after last night I just can't do that to him. She falls asleep better for me anyways. I'll be talking to my OB soon, but not looking forward to going back to a therapist. I dread the therapy sessions :(
Sorry that was long... hugs to you if you read all that! Happy that there's a support forum on here for PPD though!
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Re: Hello! Intro...

  • I'm just lurking on this board. I'm sorry you are going through this and I hope it will get better!!
    Get well momma, and for me, prayers help a lot!!!
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