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anyone had a baby in findlay?

I am considering switching OB's to one a friend recommended in Findlay. I want to switch b/c I did not like the care I recieved at the hospital I had my DD at last time  and my current OB only delievers there. My friend was please with the care at Blanchard Valley Hospital, but I was just curious if re: options on the hospital from others....TIA!!

Re: anyone had a baby in findlay?

  • Just came across this. I have delivered two of my children at blanchard valley in findlay. They are a great hospital to deliver at. I was very specific with my birth plan and made sure everyone was aware of my wishes and I had two wonderful births there :)
  • I had my baby at Blanchard Valley in October and I was very pleased with my care. I would also recommend Findlay Women's Care. I love Dr. Doty and her staff.
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  • Love Dr. Doty and Bonnie at Findlay's Woman's Care! She will be doing my c-section in Feb. at Blanchard. She also delivered my two nephews at Blanchard. 
  • I am having my first and plan on delivering at Findlay.  Many friends and family memebers have and they loved it.  The only downside, recently they have been getting filled up so sometimes a scheduled induction may be pushed back.
  • I haven't experienced it yet. I am due in June.
  • I had my 2nd baby at Dr. Doty's practice.  They are great!  

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