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Any hope-? thin lining

Hi ladies, looking for some advice. I am undergoing my  4th IVF- I've had 2 fresh and 1 froze and just did another FET- the first ivf resulted in my precious baby girl who I lost 26 weeks into the pregnancy  from a placental abruption 2 years ago today, June 7 2012. My lining after her delivery hasn't been the same. I had 2 invasive d&cs due to retained placenta and now my lining can not get above a 6. With my first ivf lining was at 14 mm day of trigger so HUGE difference. I know thin lining isn't that common. I've gotten various opinions from different doctors. One saying to pretty much give up as my lining will never be able to thicken to hold a pregnancy, while my current RE thinks there is still a chance. I'm torn what I should do when this cycle fails again. There is only so much heartache one person can take. Has anyone heard of any thin lining success stories or also abttling the same issue? I'm 29 but feel as tho I'll never have another child.  Also I have no tubes and stage 4 endo, Im a lucky girl! so there isn't even that chance of a natural miracle pregnancy. Thanks ladies

Re: Any hope-? thin lining

  • mm29mm29
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    I am so sorry for your loss.  I have no advice!  I like what geordie's advice.  I wish you the very best.  Good Luck!
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I had adequate linings (7mm) for my transfers, but not overly thick. I had the neupogen wash on my last / successful transfer and it obviously didnt hurt. It was painless and inexpensive. Maybe ask you RE about it? I also did estogen priming. Good luck!

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    FET #1 Aug 2012  3dt x2 - BFN

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