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The runs before labor?

First of all, CONGRATS! I hope you're thoroughly enjoying your LO having finally arrived :)

My question has to do w you going into active labor....
I'm 35 wks, 2cm dilated, 60% effaced (as of this past Wed). Friday the baby dropped. Same day the BH started (weird that they hadn't started before now). Pain is irregular and frequency is irregular. No back pain. Finally all afternoon/evening into this a.m. I've had the runs and have also felt nauseous.

I've read that runs/nausea is an early sign of labor. I didn't get either w DD1, but I'm curious: did you experience the runs? How long after did active labor start??
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Re: The runs before labor?

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    It can be, but it can also just be a sign of pregnancy :-). N I didn't have any weird GI symptoms prior to labor. I was hanging out at about 3cm, 50% for about 3 weeks. I also had BH starting around 35ish weeks. Baby dropped about the same time, then dropped some more at about 39 weeks. I knew I was going into labor when contractions started. It was obvious that they were real contractions and not BH.
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  • I had weird GI stuff before... But I was having BH the entire not and not realizing it.  I was 36w, and I'd gone into the hospital thinking I had slight bleeding, they ended up keeping me due to high blood pressure. But the entire time I was having contractions, it wasn't until they pointed it out that I was like "oooooh, that's what that is".  Which is weird--because it was my second baby.  (first baby my water broke, and I had intense contractions right away).  I ended up going home, and the next day I had bad GI issues, had a follow up with my OBGYN who did a membrane sweep, and later that night my water broke. 

    Labor is so different for everyone though, and for me, it was pretty different pregnancy to pregnancy too. :)

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  • The night before and the morning of my delivery I was on the toilet like every hour having a BM!! And I did feel a bit nauseated as well. Like above comments labour is different for everyone and it may or may not be a sign that you're about to have your baby! Good luck :)
  • With DS I didn't experience this, but with DD (in March) I did. I was having diarrhea several days before and pretty much right up until I went to the hospital. For me, both labors were extremely different!
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  • For me.. I started throwing up and having gi issues when I hit active labor... Good news.. Every time you throw up in labor it's your body getting ready.. It can also help dilate your cervix.. Up to a centimeter each time.. My labor absolutely sped up once that started. Even though it sucked to experience it.
  • Yep me too-I called nurse right when I felt I was going to have a BM and sure enough I was 10cm dilated from 1cm just 1 hour prior. I felt like throwing up as well once or twice as well during the most painful contractions.
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