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Your daughter cracks me up. My son had a ton of hair when he was a baby too, like a freakish amount for a boy.

Annnyywhooo the hubs and I were talking tonight about the bun we have baking and I told him about this girl he has to see cuz she has so much hair, so he looks at your daughter and then starts YELLING at my belly for 2 things.

1. Be a girl! and

2. Have hair like the baby in the computer you can't see!

Just wanted you to know that we over here appriciate your daughters cuteness. OK I am done being wierd now sorry lol

Re: aras3k

  • LOL your story made my day!  Her hair is pretty crazy - we get comments about it all the time.  People without kids get confused trying to guess how old she is because all her hair makes her seem older but she's also small for her age. I love playing with it and putting it in "big girl" pigtails!  Thanks for the nice post!
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