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Sick Days

What do you do when you are sick to the point that you cant take care of DC?

Re: Sick Days

  • call your husband to come watch the kid while you nap a few hours!

  • Luckily, my H has been able to stay home on those days.
  • Hubster used one of his sick days so that *I* could take a sick day.
  • My husband takes a sick day at work so he can come home and watch DD, and I can sleep, puke, sleep again.

    Unfortunately, I get really sick when ever I go with DH on his work trips (I think it's food poisening, I have the worst luck), and I end up laying on the floor letting DD play on and around me and try to stay awake long enough for DH to get done with his meeting to come back to the hotel and take care of DD.

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  • I don't get sick days and I don't ask DH to take a sick day for me...I power through the day as best as possible with DD. But as soon as DH comes home, he has to take over (dinner, bath, and bedtime) all on his own.
  • DH can work from home those days.  It hasn't happened yet.

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  • It hasn't happened yet, but luckily DH works from home & he would just take the day/few hours off, depending.
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